The Hives – The Black And White Album

November 15, 2007

thehivesTotally killer album from Swedish band the Hives, who serve up their rock with “a little punk,” to quote Pelle Almqvist, their lead singer. The Black And White Album, produced by Pharrell Williams, is easily the most consistent record they’ve yet done, with only one cut I thought was a bit of a dud, “Giddy Up!,” and it’s not even that…dud-like of a track, really. It’s just not as good as everything that surrounds it, which is otherwise relentlessly high powered, infectious fun, 45 minutes wherein you’ll be sure you’re listening to the most fun, most rockin’ band there is now. Standout cuts: “Tick Tick Boom,” “Try It Again,” “You Got It All…Wrong” and “Bigger Hole To Fill.”


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