Drive-By Truckers – Brighter Than Creations Dark

January 21, 2008

Athens, GA. based band Drive-By Truckers tend to work on an epic scale, and their new album, is no exception, with its 19 songs by three songwriters that span 75 minutes. If there’s a running theme to be found in Brighter Than Creations Dark, it may be exemplified by “The Righteous Path”: Despite being afflicted by heavy burdens, be they life during wartime or else woes economic, domestic, or drug or alcohol related, the mostly rural and small town characters who populate the album’s songs find themselves struggling to stay on a righteous path, or else discover themselves far astray from it. Their subject matter may be frequently grim but it’s also sympathetic in the way that Springsteen was sympathetic on defining albums like Darkness On The Edge Of Town and The River. The music is rock, rock often informed by country influences, but straight ahead rock, nevertheless. Not every song is a hit, but there’s enough strong material here to merit declaring Brighter Than Creations Dark one of Drive-By Trucker’s finest works yet. Standout cuts: “The Righteous Path,” “Opening Act,” “The Purgatory Line” and “A Ghost To Most.”


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