MONKEY REVIEW: Death Sentence

January 22, 2008

Ultra-violent revenge thriller about an insurance executive (Kevin Bacon, who is typically excellent) who creates a spiral of violence when he goes after the gang member who killed one of his family. With a tone owing more to 70’s movies such as Rolling Thunder than to more recent fare like the Kill Bill films, Death Sentence is often so grim that it barely qualifies as entertainment. That said, Death Sentence is as stylized in its own way as Tarantino’s movies, with its movie-style gang complete with its artfully lit gang lair/drug lab, a perfect locale for a protracted and gory final shoot-out. Death Sentence would probably be more accurately described as a revenge fantasy rather than a thriller, though it does deliver with some genuine thrills (a sequence in a parking garage is a standout), with a few unexpected twists and turns throughout. For action fans who like their fare dark, Death Sentence will be just the ticket.


(For a brief explanation of the Monkey Review rating system, click here.)


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