Times New Viking – Rip It Off

January 30, 2008

Columbus, Ohio based band Times New Viking is sort of like a Guided By Voices for the 21st century, with its super lo-fi production and predilection for songs with very short running times (two minutes and under is typical here, with 16 songs done in just over a half an hour). It’s the production part that might make Times New Viking an acquired taste, as some of it’s so deliberately lo-fi that it often sounds like you’re listening to a static-ridden radio station, which may frustrate a lot of potential listeners. That said, if you can get past that aspect of their music, there’s some good indie rock to be had here, with a lot of it seemingly inspired by 60’s garage rock. Standout cuts: “Teen Drama,” “(My Head),” “Faces On Fire” and “End Of All Things.”



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