The Teenagers – Reality Check

February 13, 2008

“We’re teenagers, we don’t care!”

The Teenagers are a band from Paris that mixes rock, punk, Eurodisco, and some retro influences (Duran Duran, Devo and Kraftwerk, for starters) with lyrics that go from satire (the opening track, the cheerfully offensive “Homecoming”) to outright mockery (“Wheel Of Fortune”). The result is shimmering pop music for youth living in an alternate, more sardonic and somewhat dirty mouthed universe. If Arab Strap had turned into a dance band, they might’ve sounded something like the Teenagers. Sure, you may frown on the bad language and worse attitude, but you can’t deny the irresistibility of the melodies here. Standout cuts: “Homecoming,” “Starlett Johansson,” “Wheel Of Fortune” and “Sunset Beach.”


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