February 16, 2008

Entertaining, fairly absorbing and often eerie indie art film with Ryan Reynolds, Hope Davis, Melissa McCarthy and Elle Fanning starring in three interconnected stories. As long as it remains mysterious, the movie works, but the answers at the end are a bit of a letdown. Nevertheless, the actors make it an easy ride, especially Reynolds, who, like Davis and McCarthy, convincingly plays three separate characters. If he hadn’t been as good as he is here, the movie wouldn’t work nearly as well as it does. Reynolds, despite his tendency to appear in some questionable movies, is actually one of my favorite actors, and he makes this worth seeing, despite the weak end.


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One Response to “MONKEY REVIEW: The Nines”

  1. patrick Says:

    The overlapping storyline of the Nines resolves itself nicely at the end… and although Reynolds is a versatile, it was Melissa McCarthy who did a particularly great job of adding color to the whole thing.

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