School Of Language – Sea From Shore

February 16, 2008

schooloflanguageUK based band School of Language is the musical project of David Brewis, who is also in Field Music, currently on hiatus (which I didn’t actually know until I went to review this record). A lot of it is firmly in the experimental pop camp, including the four part “Rockist” that opens and closes the album, but the middle section of the album is pretty accessible, with echoes of Jon Brion, Neil Finn and his work with Split Enz, and Field Music, of course. Amidst the syncopated drums and densely layered instrumentation and vocals, there’s never a dull moment, certainly, and while the music is decidedly busy, it never descends into chaos or mere noise. Brewis does this music solo during live performances, so it’d be fun to see how all this translates into a concert. Definitely recommended, anyway. Standout cuts: “Rockist Part 1,” “Disappointment ’99,” “This Is No Fun” and “Extended Holiday.”


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