Jon McKiel – The Nature Of Things

February 21, 2008

jonmckiel“I put on my indie rock clothes / I’m going to see a rock and roll band / We look like a hundred bucks / Just tell me where it’s cool to stand…”

I’m not sure whether Nova Scotia based Jon McKiel is a singer/songwriter with a band, or else that is the name of the band, which features a Jon McKiel, sort of like Damien Jurado is now a band name, rather than just Damien’s name. Whatever the case, The Nature Of Things is the second release from Jon McKiel, and it’s good stuff. It’s solidly in the guitar based indie rock tradition, with hints of Gin Blossoms, Son Volt and Wilco, that is, indie rock informed by alt-country and Americana. While the music isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it is played with passion and earnestness, and the lyrics are insightful and often funny. It starts out strong with “War On You” and had enough strong material to keep me listening the whole way through. Definitely a guy (or a band) to watch. Standout cuts: “War On You,” “123 My Friends,” “Somebody’s Listening” and “Get Caught.”


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