Goldfrapp – Seventh Tree

February 26, 2008

And now for something completely different: Goldfrapp, after two forays into self-described “glam noir” electronica, releases an album of psychedelia. When I heard the first single from Seventh Tree, “A&E,” I was worried that maybe Goldfrapp had wandered into Dido territory. (Not that I have anything against Dido, but after Black Cherry and Supernature, that’d be a weird place for them to go.) However, that’s not the case at all. If anything, it can seen as somewhat of a return to the dreamy feel of their trip-hop/chill debut, Felt Mountain, though coming at it from a completely different musical direction, here with elements of both Nick Drake and the Beatles, folk and rock overlaid with strings and electronica. However you interpret what they’ve done on Seventh Tree, the results are almost uniformly first rate, strange and beautiful, the latter two qualities, which, come to think of it, can apply to the whole of their work. Standout cuts: “Little Birds,” “Happiness,” “A&E” and “Cologne Cerrone Houdini.”


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