No Kids – Come Into My House

February 27, 2008

nokidsClever pop music with a wanderlust: Vancouver, B.C. based band No Kids debut with Come Into My House, which mixes pop with lounge, R&B, Broadway showtunes, and even 40’s vocal groups, as on “Four Freshmen Locked Out As The Sun Goes Down.” The result is less chaotic sounding than you might think, as No Kids have enough control over the styles they dabble in not to let them run away on them, nor do they ever fall into parody, contrary to the Flight of the Conchords comparisons they’ve garnered from some corners. (They’re more reminiscent of Ben Folds, in his more playful moods.) For the most part, Come Into My House is a lot of fun to listen to, with some genuinely lovely moments, starting with the opener, “Great Escape.” Worth checking out for indie pop fans, for sure. Other standout cuts: “For Halloween,” “The Beaches All Closed” and “Dancing In The Stacks.”


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