Beach House – Devotion

February 28, 2008

beachhousedevotionBaltimore based band Beach House’s second album, Devotion, falls into a personal category of music I call “David Lynch movie music.” I think it’s because the kind of beautiful, dreamily paced, sometimes eerie sounding music that Beach House plays reminds me of that odd song from Eraserhead, “In Heaven,” or else “Mysteries Of Love” from Blue Velvet. This is in no way a criticism, though, as I think Beach House is very good at making music like this without falling into repetition or vapidity. They also manage to convey melancholia without being depressing, and really, a lot of the music here is anything but melancholy or depressing. On this sophomore effort, the songs are more densely layered than on their debut, and they play with a wider range of styles, so that some songs sound like 90’s shoegaze mixed with 50’s and 60’s vocal group sounds. Think Mazzy Star doing Burt Bacharach tunes, for example. I wouldn’t call this a great album, as I think Beach House are still working their way towards greatness, but there are plenty of great moments, enough to recommend Devotion. Standout cuts: “You Came To Me,” “Gila,” “Heart Of Chambers” and “Astronaut.”


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