American Music Club – The Golden Age

February 29, 2008

americanmusicclubThe Golden Age is American Music Club’s second album since reforming in 2003, then moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles last year. (There are a couple of odes to the former city included, the best of which is “All The Lost Souls Welcome You To San Francisco.”) The album is a relaxed, laidback affair for the most part, enlivened by some excellent, often heavy sounding electric guitar work by Vudi on songs like “The Decibels And The Little Pills,” “The Windows On The World,” both album highlights, and “On My Way.” Mark Eitzel, leader of the band, sounds great, and his literate, often sardonically funny lyrics are matched to a fusion of rock with Americana, country, even a bit of waltz on “I Know That’s Not Really You.” Some of the songs go on too long and start to meander a bit, but in general, this is a very strong album. Other standout cuts: “All My Love” and “The Sleeping Beauty.”


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