Atlas Sound – Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel

March 3, 2008

atlassoundRichly textured, intensely personal fusion of dream and noise pop from Atlas Sound, a side project of Bradford Cox, otherwise a member of Deerhunter. The intensely personal part you may or may not get at first, if ever without an explanation (available online, fortunately), since some of the lyrics are so personal as to be abstract, but then those lyrics are often lost in the mix, obscured by instrumentation, static or droning sounds, anyway. Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel can be seen as an album akin to David Bowie’s Low, where the feeling one gets from the music presented is as important than anything said (or sung) directly. That said, the music here is by turns beautiful and unsettling, and for a record that’s so highly experimental for the most part, it’s also highly listenable. Worth checking out for fans of adventrous pop. Standout cuts: “Recent Bedroom,” “River Card,” “Cold As Ice” and “Ativan.”

NOTE: Many thanks to Danny Wilbon, who wrote in and pointed out some incorrect information I’d read concerning Cox’s other band and then repeated for this review. It’s since been corrected.

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