Bell X1 – Flock

March 3, 2008

bellx1flock“She said ‘I don’t believe in any old Jesus
If there was a God, then why is my arse
The perfect height of kicking?'”

Though the first American single,”Eve, The Apple Of My Eye,” is firmly in the tradition of other UK bands like Coldplay, Radiohead, Embrace and Athlete, the rest of Irish band Bell X1’s album Flock is more diverse, with some jazz and soul elements tossed into their generally pop rock sound. What makes their music stand out, however, is the acid wit and thorniness often found in their lyrics, a quality that elevates Bell X1 from being ever more fodder for adult alternative radio. Though there are a handful of misfires on Flock, it’s otherwise pretty consistently good, with the best material spread pretty evenly throughout its 55 minute running time, ending on a lovely note with the nearly 8 minute “Lamposts.” Standout cuts: “Rocky Took A Lover,” “Eve, The Apple Of My Eye,” “Bad Skin Day” and “He Said, She Said.”


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