Melody Gardot – Worrisome Heart

March 4, 2008

Worrisome Heart, with its appealing, assured mix of jazz and blues, makes for a very promising full length debut for Philadelphia based singer/songwriter Melody Gardot. Gardot sounds a bit like fellow traveler, Nellie McKay, with her sultry, versatile voice, and though she plays it considerably straighter than McKay does, Gardot shares a bit of her playfulness. What makes Gardot’s debut all the more impressive is that prior to an accident, she had no plans to pursue a musical career, but instead came to record her initial EP as a means of therapy as she recovered from head trauma sustained in the accident. None of that is necessary to know to appreciate her music, however, as the ten tracks on Worrisome Heart will be pleasure enough for its listeners. “That was fun,” Gardot says at the end of the instrumental that concludes the album, and it’s likely most of her admirers and admirers-to-be will agree. Standout cuts: “Worrisome Heart,” “Some Lessons,” “Love Me Like A River” and “Goodnite.”


3 Responses to “Melody Gardot – Worrisome Heart”

  1. Jason Says:

    Hi – love your reviews – I was wondering – would you mind checking out Chicago based – Rebecca Rego – she’s a folkie, country artist and a superb songwriter.

  2. markgorman Says:

    Saw her live on Sunday. Awesome. Better than the record. She’s just getting going.

  3. radiondn Says:

    I’d read that she was a great live act. I’ll try to see her one of these days!

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