Plants And Animals – Parc Avenue

March 11, 2008

parcavenueLike fellow indie bands Bodies Of Water and the Arcade Fire, Montreal based band Plants And Animals are pretty fond of big choruses, evident on the first track and single, “Bye Bye Bye.” The first Plants And Animals album was primarily acoustic guitar and voice, but the instrumentation and the vocals have been greatly expanded for album number two, to great effect. Musically, their basic sound is very roots oriented, with echoes of Neil Young in particular, but also the Grateful Dead and the early work of Pat Methany and Lyle Mays, especially on the final four tracks. The contemporary band they most remind me of, however, is the late, great Scottish band the Delgados, who were skilled at creating songs that started out low key, then slowly rose in musical and emotional intensity. While the Delgados’s music could tend towards the dark and sardonic, the mood on Parc Avenue is more warm and celebratory. Definitely recommended, even for those not ordinarily inclined to listen to roots or jam-style music (like me). Standout cuts: “Bye Bye Bye,” “Faerie Dance,” “À L’orée des bois” and “New Kind Of Love.”


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