The Presidents Of The United States Of America – These Are Good Times People

March 12, 2008

presidentsI will say this about the new album from Seattle based band the President of the United States of America, and it is this: If you didn’t like them before, you probably won’t like them now. However, if you were a fan of their absurdly catchy punk-fueled pop music, with lyrics given to satire, irony and general goofiness, then you’re going to love These Are Good Times People. They were on fire when they made this one, racing through 14 tracks, mostly hitting highs, with no real lows. They’ve also gotten more sophisticated with the song arrangements, adding a horn section to some songs, as well as other clever and subtle touches here and there, all to enhance your listening pleasure. These Are Good Times People is just a lot of smart, wildy entertaining rock and roll fun, the kind of album where your favorite tracks are bound to change the more you listen to it. Standout cuts: “Mixed Up S.O.B.,” “Sharpen Up Those Fangs,” “More Bad Times” and “Riot In The Sun.”


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