Tift Merritt – Another Country

March 18, 2008

After spending an extended sojourn in France, singer/songwriter Tift Merritt came back with the notes for Another Country, her third album. Merritt’s work has been considered alt-country in the past, and while those influences remain, Another Country employs a broader range of musical styles for its ten tracks, with jazz, soul, folk and rock added into the mix. Merritt even sings a French language song at the very end, “Mille Tendresses (A Thousand Tendernesses).” The lyrics here are thoughtful and reflective without being cliched and self-involved; Merritt has evolved into a standout songwriter. Another Country is a literate and lovely album, the sound of an artist coming into the full range of her powers. Standout cuts: “Something To Me,” “Broken,” “Another Country” and “Tell Me Something True.”



One Response to “Tift Merritt – Another Country”

  1. tift fan Says:

    The album is nice for light listening but it needs more edge. I love Tift and I want to see her make the national charts in a big way. That’s going to take a harder, louder breakthrough hit.

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