Chatham County Line – IV

March 28, 2008

chathamcountylineivThe fourth release from North Carolina band Chatham County Line is a simply beautiful album from first note to last: They are bluegrass quartet who list among their influences the Band, Bill Monroe and Wilco, but their songs, specifically the lyrics, often reminded me of Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen. IV is marked by gorgeous vocals and often thrillingly good musicianship, so good I thought these guys were already stars in their field that had until now flown under my radar. (There are a couple of nifty instrumentals that highlight their playing, “Clear Blue Sky” and “Paige.”) I don’t think Chatham County Line’s future lies in becoming the next great bluegrass or alt-country band, as some might say they are already that, but rather I think they have a shot at becoming one of the next great American bands, period. Standout cuts: “Chip Of A Star,” “Let It Rock,” “Birmingham Jail” and “I Got Worry.”


3 Responses to “Chatham County Line – IV”

  1. Steve Jeffries Says:

    Wow!! I could not agree any more. These guys are incredible and somehow still flying below the radar. Some of their past records have lacked some focus, but they are all full of great tunes. But, IV is absolutely kick ass. Every time I listen to it I feel like I’m hearing it for the first time. It’s a breath of fresh air!! I live in western Mass and I’m traveling to see a couple of their upcoming shows!

  2. radiondn Says:

    Unfortunately, they’re not coming anywhere close to where I live on this current tour, so I definitely envy your luck in seeing them live!

  3. Jason Weeden Says:

    I wish they were coming to my area too. I just bought IV and I love it. It is a really rich sounding record. I love the harmonies and the wide array of material. I don’t have any of their other discs, but I hear they are all solid. Maybe more bluegrass than this one?? -J

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