MONKEY REVIEW: Nightmare Man

March 30, 2008

One of the latest batch of “8 Films To Die For” After Dark Horror Fest movies, Nightmare Man is a mostly entertaining B-movie that frequently succeeds in spite of itself. The plot involves a mask that may or may not have resulted in a woman being possessed by a murderous demon. The movie’s marred by the usual things that plague a low budget production: Spotty writing and acting, makeup that’s often more silly than scary. Its primary problem, however, is it can’t quite decide what sort of movie it wants to be, instead opting to change gears about every half an hour. Then there are a couple of plot twists, one you’ll probably see coming, and the other you’ll probably wish had never arrived. Nevertheless, the movie works up some tension and a few scares, and the actors, particularly Tiffany Shepis, who seems to be a sort of 21st century Linnea Quigley, do a lot to sell the movie. The last twenty or so minutes of the movie borrow copiously from at least two other horror thrillers that I can think of, with not so great results. Until then, it’s not a bad ride for undemanding horror fans, so I give it three monkeys, though you’ll want to adjust that rating down if you are a demanding horror fan.


(For a brief explanation of the Monkey Review rating system, click here.)


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