Moby – Last Night

April 3, 2008

“Old school takin’ you back again…”

Last Night is a new concept album from Moby, self-described “bald dance musician,” about a night out in Manhattan. Tracks like “Everyday It’s 1989” make it clear that Moby’s not just looking back at the immediate past, but the past in general. Accordingly, Last Night often sounds a short aural history of dance music, in no particular chronological order, from the 80’s up until now. Not that Moby is out to teach listeners anything, as Last Night is mostly about enjoyment and fun, though like any long night, things get a bit moody and introspective towards the end, i.e. “Degenerates” and “Mothers Of The Night.” It’s an energetic, beautiful and celebratory album, maybe not the next step in the artistic evolution of Moby, but a most pleasurable reflection. Standout cuts: “Ooh Yeah,” “Alice,” “Disco Lies” and “Mothers Of The Night.”


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