Tokyo Police Club – Elephant Shell

April 5, 2008

Monstrously catchy full length debut from Newmarket, Ontario based band Tokyo Police Club almost never stops to take a breath over the 11 songs included here, which wind up in just under 30 minutes. In fact, they don’t slow down the pace until “The Harrowing Adventures Of…,” 7 tracks in. Their unique mix of punk, New Wave and power pop recalls, among others, the Buzzcocks and the Jam, though instead of sounding like they’re come through a time warp, they manage to sound thoroughly modern, which is a huge part of their appeal and emblematic of their achievement here. Fans who have been eagerly waiting for an LP ever since their EP A Lesson In Crime will not be let down, not in the least. Standout cuts: “Juno,” “Tessellate,” “Sixties Remake” and “Your English Is Good.”


2 Responses to “Tokyo Police Club – Elephant Shell”

  1. dushey Says:

    thanks for the recommendation, I’m getting this one as we speak. I’ve heard other great reviews, so I’m definitely stoked on it.

  2. radiondn Says:

    I hope you like it! It was even better than I’d been anticipating.

    Thanks for reading!

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