The Kooks – Konk (Limited Edition)

April 17, 2008

Second album from Brighton, UK based band the Kooks lacks much of the snap and fire that made their debut such a power pop pleasure, but Konk is hardly a dud. It’s just a pretty good album as opposed to the great one fans, myself included, have no doubt been anticipating. The good material here is very good: “See The Sun,” “Always Where I Need To Be,” “Down To The Market” and “Tick Of Time” are some of the highlights. Though the Kooks clearly fancy themselves a guitar heavy power pop group, some of the best material on Konk is when they slow things down a bit and do some harmonizing, as on “Tick Of Time,” one of the few tracks where it really seems like they’re enjoying themselves. The final hidden track, “All Over Town,” continues on in that vein, though it’s a darker song. For devoted Kooks fans, I definitely recommend getting the Limited Edition, which includes a second CD called Rak with nine additional tracks on it, all worthwhile listens, with at least three standout tracks, “Watching The Ships Roll In,” “Nothing Ever Changes” and “Hatful Of Love.” The two CDs together, 22 songs altogether, form a much better whole than just the single CD edition of Konk. This is a limited edition well worth your added investment, as it’s a much more satisfying album overall.


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