Elvis Costello and the Imposters – Momofuku

May 11, 2008

Recorded quickly over two sessions earlier this year, Momofuku is the new album from Elvis Costello and the Imposters, an album that Costello had seemingly dismissed the possibility of, having become disenchanted enough with the record industry that he claimed he was done recording albums. It’s a 12 song set of rock music, not exactly a revisiting of past sounds, as Brutal Youth was, nor is it a summation of his career (I honestly have no idea what that album would sound like). Instead, it’s 47 minutes of a master songwriter and his peers (which here include Jenny Lewis, Johnathan Rice, Dave Sher, Pete Thomas, Steve Nieve and David Hildalgo) simply having a good time in the studio performing some rock and roll, with some of the pop, Americana, blues, cabaret and jazz styles Costello has worked with in recent years thrown in for good measure. Momofuku is a delight, and one of the most purely fun albums Costello has ever released. Standout cuts: “American Gangster Time, “Drum And Bone”,” “Harry Worth” and “Stella Hurt.”



2 Responses to “Elvis Costello and the Imposters – Momofuku”

  1. John Nelson Says:

    I’ll look forward to checking this one out, especially if there’s a vinyl version for my old Marantz.

  2. radiondn Says:

    There IS a vinyl version, reportedly a great sounding one. It was released two or so weeks before the CD and digital releases!

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