Joseph Arthur – Crazy Rain

May 13, 2008

Second EP this year from Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur highlights eight songs done with drum machines and synthesizers, woven into Arthur’s unique brand of folk and rock, infused with a poet’s sensibility. The result is a cool, sultry and sexy set of music, more soulful and funky than just about anything else Arthur has released in the past. A number of the songs have Jen Turner on background vocals or else dueting with him, to great effect, as she’s a perfect complement to his voice, and vice versa. Greg Dulli also contributes guest vocals to “Nothing 2 Hide,” one of the best tracks included here. I liked Could We Survive, the first of four projected EPs from Arthur this year, but I have to say, I love Crazy Rain. I can’t wait to hear Vagabond Skies, the next in this series, due out next month. Standout cuts (though I like all the songs): “Killer’s Knife,” “Nothing 2 Hide,” “Radio Euphoria” and “Hunter.”


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