The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing

May 21, 2008

We Started Nothing makes for a charming, sometimes almost absurdly entertaining “garage pop” debut from UK based band the Ting Tings: “That’s Not My Name,” their current number one UK single, is worth the price of admission, five minutes of deliriously fun dance pop, with a hint of 80’s retro by way of Toni Basil. The rest of the album is like Lily Allen, the Pipettes, the Go Team!, Blondie and Bananarama all rolled into a sassy, wickedly pop savvy duo, namely Jules De Martino and Katie White. White handles the lead vocals, and sounds so assured you’ll think she’s a star already. Though it’s got some road bumps here and there, and it’s true the overlong title track isn’t the best album closer, for the most part We Started Nothing is pure electropop nirvana. Standout cuts: “Great DJ,” “That Not My Name,” “Shut Up And Let Me Go” and “Keep Your Head.”


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