Foxboro Hottubs – Stop Drop And Roll!!!

May 22, 2008

Foxboro Hottubs is a Green Day 60’s garage rock inspired side project, and for the most part, it’s a lot of fun. They’re just committed enough to the music they’ve made for the record that Stop Drop And Roll!!! doesn’t feel like just a throwaway to fill up time between Green Day releases. (Though they’re not nearly as committed as the Black Hollies on their lastest, Casting Shadows, on which they disappear so far into 60’s psychedelic rock that they essentially become that kind of a band.) Some of the songs just sound like Green Day songs (most notably “The Pedestrian” and “Broadway”), but when Foxboros Hottubs are on, they’re really on, resulting in great tunes like the opening title track, “Mother Mary,” “Alligator” and album closer “Pieces Of Truth.” They slow things down temporarily on the moody and amusingly titled “Dark Side Of The Night” to good effect. I’m not positive Stop Drop And Roll!!! is exactly essential listening, but fans of 60’s garage rock and pop and definitely Green Day fans will want to give this a listen.


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