Ladytron – Velocifero

May 23, 2008

Velocifero, the fourth album from Liverpool based electropop band Ladytron, has a harder edged, more energized sound than previous releases. It opens with three forceful tracks in a row, beginning with “Black Cat,” one of two tracks sung by Mia Aroyo in her native Bulgarian (the other being “Kletva”), and followed by “Ghosts,” the current single, and my current favorite song on the album, next to “Versus,” the album closer. They haven’t radically changed their sound for this album, but rather diversified and expanded it, giving the individual tracks broader canvases to play out on, even adding acoustic guitars to their electronic based sound on “Versus.” Not all tracks worked for me (“Runaway” in particular, which I found repetitious), but in general, Velocifero is clearly one of Ladytron’s very best albums in their nine year history. Standout cuts: “Black Cat,” “Ghosts,” “I’m Not Scared” and “Versus.”


2 Responses to “Ladytron – Velocifero”

  1. John Says:

    I love this album!

  2. radiondn Says:

    I was really looking forward to this album, and I definitely wasn’t let down. I like the Bulgarian language songs, too.

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