Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Miles Of Styles

May 27, 2008

Miles Of Styles marks the seventh release from Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra, which is primarily the work of Shawn Lee, American born and London based multi-instrumentalist. According to Ubiquity Records press for the album, Miles Of Styles “is the soundtrack to places Lee has been and would like to visit. ” The titles of the mostly instrumental tracks give you an idea of the globetrotting nature of the 20 tracks included here: “Brazilian Bubble,” “Prague Rock,” “Italy 73,” “Heist In Helsinki,” “San Diego” and “Greekout.” The Ping Pong Orchestra project was originally aimed at establishing a musical library, though by now, with Christmas and a hits cover album among its recent releases, the project now seems more like a vehicle for Lee’s wildly prolific and diverse creative output. If you are new to the Ping Pong Orchestra, I envy you because you have seven albums of music to enjoy from a modern Carl Stalling, who blends rock, soul, funk, pop and world music influences into heady, groovy and often surprising mixtures. (He also has a couple of albums out as Shawn Lee, including Soul Visa and Monkey Boy.) If you don’t know Lee by name, you no doubt know his music, as it’s been featured on the soundtracks of scores of movies and TV shows, as well as the video game Bully. Miles Of Styles is as good a place as any to start discovering the work of this true musical virtuoso.


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