The Explorers Club – Freedom Wind

May 30, 2008

explorersclubIf you are particularly enamored with the Beach Boys or Brian Wilson, then I’m definitely going to recommend to you Freedom Wind, the new album from Charleston based band the Explorers Club. On their Myspace page, they list among their influences the Beach Boys, of course, but also the Zombies, the Association, Glen Campbell, Phil Spector, Motown and the Beatles. I’d throw the Everly Brothers in there, too, as some of the songs sound like a collaboration between the Brothers and the Boys. (Beach Brothers!) Unlike a lot of other indie bands that wear their Beach Boys influences on their sleeves, the Explorers Club don’t try to reinvent the wheel and try to merge those influences with prog rock or art rock or some other such synthesis, but rather try to make fresh sounding modern glosses on their influences. That said, it’s not quite a purist approach, either, as they mix things up enough to avoid sounding like a tribute band. The main goal here seems to provide listeners with a set of well crafted, summery pop music meant to inspire pleasure, and towards that end, the Explorers Club have succeeded. Standout cuts: “Don’t Forget The Sun,” “Lost My Head,” “Hold Me Tight” and “Last Kiss.”


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