MONKEY REVIEW: The Onion Movie

June 5, 2008

Terrible sketch comedy movie, loosely held together by a story about the integrity of the Onion news network being compromised by its parent corporation. Delayed for years, The Onion Movie was filmed long enough ago that Rodney Dangerfield makes a cameo in it, which gives you an idea of the amount of time this has been on the shelf. It was made for a theatrical release, but it’s easy to see why this was released direct to video. Though there’s a lot of good comedic ideas that float through the movie, most of them are sabotaged by those ideas not being developed enough, not going anywhere at all, or just plain inept execution. Much of the material is dated, like the Britney Spears parodies (which are still somewhat amusing, anyway), while some of the segments are just not funny at all, like a sketch about a “How To Host A Rape” parlor game. Steven Seagal, who is otherwise not known for his comedic talents, scores a good portion of the laughs here as the star of the action movie Cockpuncher. Len Cariou also gets some laughs as a harried news anchor. If you absolutely must watch it, my advice is, fast forward through the sketches you think look bad, because 90% of the time you’ll be right. (Just stop for the Dungeons and Dragons/Magic the Gathering sketch – it’s pretty good.) That will leave you with maybe 20 or so minutes of movie out of 80 minutes, but at least you won’t be wishing you had that 60 minutes back. Plan B? Watch the trailer. The lion’s share of the funny moments are in there.


(For a brief explanation of the Monkey Review rating system, click here.)


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