Fleet Foxes

June 8, 2008

Gorgeous LP debut from Seattle based band Fleet Foxes, who describe their music as “baroque harmonic pop jams.” If you can imagine a collaboration between Bon Iver and My Morning Jacket, you’ll begin to get a sense of what Fleet Foxes sound like here. However, like Bon Iver, they manage to take familiar sounding influences, which include Americana and roots music, country, folk and gospel, among others, and make music that feels new and unique. The vocal harmonies are such that if the Beach Boys, in their prime, opted to go in a gospel direction, they might’ve have sounded like Fleet Foxes. The album meanders a bit in the middle, but the opening and closing tracks, especially “White Winter Hymnal,” “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song,” “Blue Ridge Mountains” and “Oliver James,” make it all worthwhile. Definitely recommended.



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