The Virgins

June 9, 2008

When I first read about the New York City based band the Virgins, they were described as “post-punk,” which makes me think that term must have such a broad meaning that it really has has no meaning. The music on their debut album is in fact disco flavored pop rock for the most part, the kind that used to rule the AM airwaves in the late 70’s, with a nod towards 80’s New Wave dance bands like ABC. Only a handful of songs, “Fernando Pando,” “Hey Hey Girl” (both more familiar sounding indie pop) and “Radio Christiane” (which sounds a bit like the Strokes) fall outside of this category. Now that you know what the album sounds like, is it actually good? Well, quite good, in fact. The first four tracks, “She’s Expensive,” “One Week Of Danger,” “Rich Girls” and “Teen Lovers” are the highlights here, all inspired and fun dance tracks. The Virgins don’t exactly reinvent the wheel here musically, but they do manage to give it a few extra spins, and while the emphasis here seems to be more on having fun than making art, the band manages to do a bit of both. They inject some 21st century sardonic humor into a musical form that seems a lot more entertaining in their hands than it did the first time around. If you liked Kelley Polar’s I Need You To Hold On While The Sky Is Falling from earlier this year, then you may want to give the Virgins a listen, too.


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