The Futureheads – This Is Not The World

June 10, 2008

This Is Not The World is the third album from UK based the Futureheads, and their first indie release from their very own label, Nul Records. It’s a mixed bag for me, all in all: On most of the songs, the band recalls either the Cure or XTC, which is not itself a bad thing, but this set of music started out strong for me, in particular the first three tracks (“The Beginning Of The Twist,” “Walking Backwards” and “Think Tonight”) but then it tapered off as it went on. It’s certainly not that the energy ever flags, as virtually every song is hard driving, New Wave style rock, and you can imagine nearly every song being pogo-ready in a live setting. My enthusiasm for the whole proceedings just flagged after a few songs, and nothing, save for those initial songs, much stuck in my head. I’ve noticed this album is getting raves in other quarters, so it may be just a matter of taste, but for my part, This Is Not The World was an album that only half worked for me.


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