The Pinker Tones – Wild Animals

June 10, 2008

Barcelona based band the Pinker Tones have released a new album, Wild Animals, that can be generally classified as “electropop,” but the duo throws in rock, disco, French pop, Latin and other world music influences, some dub, some 60’s style lounge and a lot of humor and fun that makes for an appropriately wildly evolving sound from song to song. There are a lot of highlights along the way, like “S.E.X.Y.R.O.B.O.T.,” the mostly French language “On Se Promenait,” “The Whistling Song,” “Electrotumbao” and later tracks, “Wild Eleganz” and the excellent “Working Bees.” (I’m also fond of the odd instrumental, “Fugaz.”) The Pinker Tones exercise just enough restraint and control over their material that Wild Animals never devolves into a noisy mess. Instead, it’s an exercise in a bit of electropop musical virtuosity. Plus, it’s just damn fun.


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