My Brightest Diamond – A Thousand Shark’s Teeth

June 17, 2008

mybrightestdiamondsharksteethI can safely say that listeners will not have heard anything quite like My Brightest Diamond’s A Thousand Shark’s Teeth so far this year. It’s a masterful, often enchanting mix of rock and pop with operatic and classical elements, electric guitars mixing in with strings and all manner of instrumentation, much of it played by Shara Worden, the singer/songwriter and primary force behind My Brightest Diamond. The music found on A Thousand Shark’s Teeth can be complex and even difficult, but it also rewards listeners with moments of authentic beauty and wonder. I’m not quite sure how to categorize it all, but I think with this album, My Brightest Diamond joins the ranks of great pop experimentalists such as Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson and Jane Siberry, three of my all time favorite artists. So yeah, I’m definitely recommending this album, in a big way. Standout cuts: “Inside A Boy,” “Ice And The Queen,” “To Pluto’s Moon” and “The Diamond.”


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