Teddy Thompson – A Piece Of What You Need

June 19, 2008

teddythompsonpieceofwhatyouneed“Is this what we really want, background music from a restaurant?”

When Teddy Thompson debuted in 2000, his sound could be described as folk rock combined with emotionally intense lyrics, tempered by a dark and knowing wit. He expanded his sound on his second album, Separate Ways, rocking things up a bit, and then offered up some stylish country covers on his last album, Up Front and Down Low. Now arrives the 2008 version of Teddy Thompson, this time as entertainer extraordinaire, on his fourth album, A Piece Of What You Need, an often thrillingly great, grandly scaled pop album that combines musical elements of his past releases into something vital and, true to the album’s title, necessary and definitely welcome. “I’d like to think that I’m contributing some tiny little building block of something worthwhile, rather than just adding to the massive pile of disposable rubbish,” Thompson has said about making A Piece Of What You Need, and towards that end, he’s made an album of pop music for adults that’s neither disposable nor rubbish, that’s instead impressive in its range and versatility. Hats off to Teddy Thompson, making pop music that doesn’t suck, so you don’t have to listen to sucky pop music. Standout cuts: “The Things I Do,” “In My Arms,” “Can’t Sing Straight” and “Turning The Gun On Myself.”



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