Wolf Parade – At Mount Zoomer

June 21, 2008

mountzoomerI have mixed feelings about Montreal based band Wolf Parade’s new album, At Mount Zoomer. On the one hand, there’s no one single track that grabs me the way “Shine A Light” did off their debut, Apologies to the Queen Mary, but that said, there is some really good material to be found on this nine track followup, which culminates with a nearly 11 minute track that also happens to be one of the highlights, “Kissing The Beehive.” The Modest Mouse influence on their guitar based indie rock can still be heard, albeit somewhat less faintly, as some mild prog and psychedelic rock influences have crept into their sound, too. Other highlights here include “Language City,” “The Grey Estates” and “An Animal In Your Care,” so, time-wise, the highlights constitute the greater part of the album. The tracks that didn’t do much for me seemed a bit shapeless and weren’t nearly as engaging, though they were as passionately played and sung as the tracks I did like. I hesitate to call this a sophomore slump, as it’s clear the band is trying out new directions, but listeners looking for some of the infectious hooks the first album contained may be initially disappointed with this new release.



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