Deastro – Keeper’s

July 15, 2008

Released on eMusic Selects, the debut album from Detroit based musician Deastro (aka Randolph Chabot) is filled with music that will be veritable ear candy to electropop and New Wave enthusiasts. The songs on Keeper’s have a soaring, high spirited quality to them, though there are a couple of lower key tracks as well, including “Leah’s Daughter the Giraffe,” where Deastro adds some acoustic guitars and a banjo to the mix, and the concluding “Child Of Man, Son Of God,” which is a whispery ballad that brings the album to a lovely close. My only complaint about Keeper’s is that even at 10 tracks and just under 39 minutes, it feels more like an EP than an LP, but then maybe that’s more the result of a virtue than a flaw: I wanted to hear more. Standout cuts: “Michael, The Lone Archer of the North Shore,” “The Shaded Forest,” “Light Powered” and “The Green Harbor.”


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