Albert Hammond, Jr. – Como Te Llama?

July 23, 2008

Music fans probably know Albert Hammond, Jr. best for his work as rhythm guitarist for the Strokes, though Como Te Llama? marks his second release as a solo artist. Whereas his 2007 debut, Yours To Keep, largely could be construed as a paean to 70’s era pop music, this latest album is more experimental in nature, with a lot of New Wave rock and pop influence this time around, and just a touch of 90’s era psychedelia sprinkled here and there. Of course, being a member of the Strokes, Hammond Jr. throws in some music that will remind you of that band and of their own influences. Como Te Llama? rocks more than its predecessor, and in general, it’s a more accomplished album, as Hammond, Jr. has gotten to be an even better songwriter. There’s not a dud to be heard among its 13 tracks. Though a Strokes album is now very overdue, Como Te Llama? should make the wait easier for fans. Standout cuts: “Bargain Of The Century,” “In My Room,” “GfC” and “Feed Me Jack Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Peter Sellers.”


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