Matthew Sweet – Sunshine Lies

August 2, 2008

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Matthew Sweet’s latest album, Sunshine Lies, showcases the sort of 60’s and 70’s flavored power pop that most longtime Sweet fans crave from him. In fact, it’s so exactly the kind of music you associate with him that you wonder initially if you’re listening to actual good music or just extremely well crafted Matthew Sweet product. And the answer to that is Sunshine Lies is maybe a bit of both, with an emphasis, however, happily, on the former. The album starts off with the muscular, quasi-psychedelic guitars and noise of “Time Machine,” “Room To Rock” and later, “Flying,” and ends with the sweet, hopeful ballad, “Back Of My Mind.” It’s an album that gets better with repeated listens, as the individual songs begin to separate out from each other, and you begin to appreciate how good tracks like “Sunshine Lies” (which also features Susanna Hoffs), “Byrdgirl,” “Feel The Fear” and “Daisychain” really are. If Sunshine Lies isn’t necessarily great Matthew Sweet, it’s mostly very good Matthew Sweet, and I think most listeners aren’t going to quibble much over that fine line, anyway, and just be content to enjoy the music he’s offered up this time around. Definitely recommended, at any rate.


2 Responses to “Matthew Sweet – Sunshine Lies”

  1. John Says:

    Where can I find this now? I thought it didn’t come out until the end of August.

  2. radiondn Says:

    Apparently, you can’t find it right now. I was lucky enough to pick up a copy a week and a half ago or so at eMusic, but only because they mistakenly posted it early.

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