Brazilian Girls – New York City

August 6, 2008

New York City quartet Brazilian Girls press ever further in new directions with their third album, named after their home base. There’s still a sexiness to their sound, but New York City isn’t exactly the readymade party record their self-titled debut was, as a lot of it is dark and moody and decidedly downtempo. Not that this is a bad thing at all, as New York City is certainly their best and most diverse sounding album, sounding like a wildly eclectic collaboration between Marlene Dietrich, Kurt Weill, Blondie, early Eleni Mandell, the Thievery Corporation and Link Wray, with some 60’s French pop and other world music influences thrown in to boot. Instead of the mess all those elements combined could’ve resulted in, the band sounds fantastic, the best they ever have, with versatile lead vocalist Sabina Sciubba singing in English, French and German, sounding terrific in any language. It’s difficult to say what sort of album Brazilian Girls have made here, but suffice to say that whatever category it falls under, it’s worth seeking out. Standout cuts: “Losing Myself,” “Good Time,” “Nouveau Americain” and “Internacional.”


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