The Faint – Fasciinatiion

August 8, 2008

The first new album from Omaha based the Faint in four years is also the first for their brand new self-owned label, blank.wav: The ten tracks on Fasciinatiion cover everything from tabloid coverage of celebrities, identity, consciousness, self-image and bioengineering. Fortunately, like their fellow travelers Devo, they have a knack for putting across weighty ideas without getting bogged down in pretension, wrapping them instead in irresistible melodies and a healthy dose of humor. The music here is a combination of synthpop and New Wave and punk style guitar rock, and you may wonder, can you dance to most of it? Why, yes, you can. Fasciinatiion is a welcome return for a band one hopes won’t take so long to put out their next album. Standout cuts: “Get Seduced,” “The Geeks Were Right,” “Mirror Error” and “Forever Growing Centipedes.”


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