Stereolab – Chemical Chords

August 31, 2008

Chemical Chords, the new album from UK based band Stereolab, is in a lot of ways business as usual for the band, as the fourteen tracks featured here mostly reflect their trademark sound, a eccentric fusion of electronica, 60’s French pop, lounge, rock and artful experimentation. After nine studio albums, they could probably do this sort of thing in their sleep, though that’s not to say that Chemical Chords is a lazy work, as while it may sound familiar to longtime fans, there are also plenty of inspired moments, “Neon Beanbag,” “Three Women,” “Silver Sands,” Self Portrait With “Electric Brain” and the title track among them. I wouldn’t say Stereolab has broken much new ground with Chemical Chords, but it does find them in very fine form, and that’s all right by me.


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