Ben Weaver – The Ax In The Oak

September 9, 2008

The new record from Minneapolis based singer/songwriter Ben Weaver was designed by Weaver and producer Brian Deck to meld Weaver’s folk and Southern California country rock influenced music with the electronic pop of Australian musician Christian Fennesz. The results suggest fellow Minnesotan native Bob Mould’s electronic experiments without emulating them, though a better description might be Tom Waits or Chuck Prophet backed by a rock band given to noodling with their bank of synthesizers and keyboards. Whatever description one settles on, it’s an effective, intelligent album, a full bodied work from a hugely talented musician. I wasn’t familiar with Weaver’s music prior to The Ax In The Oak, but I found myself immediately drawn in from the opening notes on. The lyrics are smart and witty, and the music expertly blends what might’ve been in other hands clashing styles and sounds. Simply stated, this is very good music, and I highly recommend it. Standout cuts: “White Snow,” “Red Red Fox,” “Anything With Words” and “Hawks And Crows.”


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