Emiliana Torrini – Me And Armini

September 12, 2008

The third album from Iceland based singer/songwriter Emiliana Torrini starts out firmly in adult alternative territory with the first couple tracks, “Fireheads” and the title track, “Me And Armini,” which is a jazzy number with a light reggae guitar riff. With the third track, “Birds,” a lengthy folky ballad, the album starts to get really interesting, though, mixing folk, pop, world music influences and electronica with intelligent, sometimes surprisingly sardonic lyrics, not to mention her unique, richly expressive voice, capable of both complex emotion and sly playfulness. In the middle of the album, bookended by longer tracks “Birds” and “Gun,” there are four relatively short tracks, a couple just two minutes in length. They’re as varied as they are fun, with “Big Jumps” and “Jungle Drums” being two of the album’s highlights. The slow burning, menacing, bluesy “Gun” follows, yet another left turn. “Dead Duck,” an electronica style track that harks back to her debut, and the excellent ballad, “Bleeder,” wind things up. This is easily Torrini’s best work yet, delivering on a promise only hinted at with her previous releases. Definitely recommended. Standout cuts: “Me And Armini,” “Big Jumps,” “Jungle Drums” and “Gun.”



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