The New Year

September 20, 2008

The third album from the New Year is guitar based indie music in the tradition of Yo La Tengo, Luna and the Eels, which is to say, to borrow a phrase from a friend of mine, it’s “adult quality” music. It’s intelligently conceived for an audience willing to pay it some attention, which is not to say that the album is meandering, as at ten tracks and 34 minutes, it’s definitely not that, but it often does take its time getting to where it’s going. On the opening track, “Folios,” it’s three and a half minutes in before anyone starts to sing. Lyrically, the songs for the most part take a non-sentimental look at relationships, with the keenly evocative instrumentation either ornate or spare, quiet or loud, as it serves the song. It’s also worth remarking that this album features some of the loveliest guitar work I’ve heard since the aforementioned Luna. This is the first New Year album I’ve heard, and it certainly makes me want to go back and check out their previous two albums. For now, The New Year is very much recommended. Standout cuts: “The Company I Can Get,” “X Off Days,” “Wages Of Sleep” and “The Idea Of You.”


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