Lindsey Buckingham – Gift Of Screws

September 22, 2008

Lindsey Buckingham’s Gift Of Screws finally sees the light of day after a years-long delay during which a version of the album was leaked to the Internet, and individual tracks were released on a Fleetwood Mac record, Say You Will, and Buckingham’s last solo release, Under The Skin. The ten tracks that comprise this official release were mostly self-recorded and produced by Buckingham in his home studio, and as anyone familiar with his past solo work will expect, the music alternately explodes with pop bliss, or burns with a barely contained urgency, both anxious and erotic. And if you’ve seen Buckingham live with his band Fleetwood Mac or on his own, you’ll also know he can rock the hell out when he wants to, and he does often on Gift Of Screws with some incredible electric and acoustic guitar work. Out of his four solo releases, I’d rank this number two, just behind 1984’s Go Insane, which is perhaps a sentimental favorite, after all. The best news about Gift Of Screws is that it seems clear that Buckingham isn’t even close to exhausting his creative energy, even after 35 years of recording. In addition to Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac fans, I would also recommend this album to indie pop fans, and then advise them to go back and listen to his first two solo releases and Tusk. It will start to become abundantly clear how influential Buckingham has been on modern indie pop. Standout cuts: “Great Day,” “Did You Miss Me,” “Love Runs Deeper” and “The Right Place To Fade.”


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