TV On The Radio – Dear Science

September 26, 2008

“I’m going to take you home…”

The new album from New York City based band TV On The Radio is their first record that’s really, truly bowled me over. It’s like Funkadelic, Sly and the Family Stone, Prince, the Clash and David Bowie somehow got together and made some electronic music, inviting in string and horn sections along the way. It’s ambitious and positively overflowing with ideas to the point where it’s difficult to take it all in on a single listen. Dear Science seems like one of those perfectly timed albums that captures a moment in time, the feel of a nation and a world on the verge of what may be enormous changes, charged with both hope and a profound ambivalence. The lyrics are optimistic but tempered by caution, forward thinking but deeply worried about the present. Dear Science is a reminder why many of us like music to begin with, because it moves us, makes us want to move, and connects us with all the things with which we want to be connected. And did I mention that it rocks, and is funky as all get out? This is inspired stuff, and you really should listen to it, because it was made just for you. Standout cuts: “Halfway Home,” “Dancing Choose,” “Golden Age” and “Shout Me Out.”


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