High Places

October 3, 2008

Every now and then, artists emerge to re-energize the electronic music scene, and the latest to do that is Brooklyn based band High Places (Mary Pearson and Robert Barber), who make their LP debut with this album. The songs on High Places are alternately clever, fun, childlike and haunting. Pearson’s naive, delicate vocals are augmented by an often densely layered wall of sound, created from an impressively wide range of traditional instruments coupled with, and I have to say I’m happy to be able to say this in a music review, common household goods. The result is music that’s simultaneously evocative and embracing of the world at large, but also intimate and elemental. If you liked their singles collection, I can safely say you will like this High Places release even more. I’ve heard nothing like it so far this year. Standout cuts: “The Storm,” “Vision’s The First…,” “Golden” and “From Stardust To Sentience.”



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